The 5 Most Popular Fully Custom Trade Show Tents and Displays of 2022

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Startups and even established companies can significantly increase their exposure by attending trade shows or sporting events. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for companies to develop strong brand equity and increase brand awareness. So having professional display equipment is very valuable for any business. How customers perceive your brand depends largely on how you present your brand at the show. When trying to build brand equity, choosing custom trade show displays and using them to convey a specific message about your brand can be very beneficial to you.

Here are 5 of the most popular fully custom tents and displays to help you increase exposure and achieve your marketing goals.

 Trade Show Tents

1. Pop-up Tent

Pop-up tents are one of the best, low-cost marketing tools for any indoor or outdoor business event. With the right design, you can increase brand awareness, increase return on investment, and make your business look more engaging and professional. Suitable for indoor or outdoor events, pop-up tents are easy to set up and have tons of additional features to enhance your design and display setup.

For small businesses, size is the first factor to consider when deciding on a tent, based on the size of your trade show booth space. At the same time all four sides on the canopy can be customized with your brand and logo, perfect for creative designs and logos.

Print your company website and phone number to the tent's walls, where they will be more visible to guests as they approach your booth. The number and height of the walls can be chosen arbitrarily.

Choose UV-resistant, fire-proof, wind-proof, waterproof and heavy duty aluminum poles for safer use. Dye sublimation printing can avoid rapid fading and extend the lifespan.

Overall, the great thing about a branded event tent is that you can fully customize your design and logo in a variety of ways, and even add a full-length, full-color printed wall to make sure you stand out at any event!

2. Inflatable tent

Trade Show Tents

Inflatable tents, you've probably seen them and maybe even considered buying them. While this is not a new concept, inflatable tents and inflatable displays have become popular over the years. Not only have they become more reliable and convenient. But has also become a great way to promote your business, get some foot traffic and look cool.

Easy to set up and dismantle. No poles, no tent tops. All you have to do is plug in the pump and watch the magic happen. After the event, all you need to do is deflate the tent.

Fully customizable. Just like your standard tent, inflatable tents can be custom printed and equipped with custom parts. These tents are designed to give your brand the exposure it needs. Many tents come with customization options such as added walls, walls with windows, awnings, and more.

Eye Catching. There's nothing wrong with wanting a good-looking tent. You want potential customers to follow you for all the right reasons. If you want to stand out from your competitors, custom inflatable tents are your best option. Dimensions, printing and add-ons make it easy to achieve the ultimate dream setup. When done right, inflatable tents can stand out from the crowd.

Inflatable tents are a great way to create an unforgettable experience for your potential clients. With so many tent options to choose from and support for full customization, it's enough to make the entire show center around you and make your brand remembered deeply.

3. Banner & Flag

 Trade Show Tents

Custom banners and flags are versatile pieces of branded collateral that can be set up for many purposes:
Welcome guests. Wave guests over to your booth — literally and figuratively — with tall, fluttering banners or pole-mounted flags. Amidst the sea of competitor counters and tables at most trade shows, flags and banners draw the eyes of attendees and pull them toward your display.
Showcase new products and services. Many organizations dedicate banners and flags to showcasing their latest products. Brands that do so play show-and-tell at industry conferences and trade shows, discussing new or updated goods as well as representing them visually.
Display catchy slogans. Flags and banners can offer a creative medium for your verbal messaging tactics. Print company slogans in arresting yet readable fonts, ask questions that make passersby pause or create small calls to action on each standing flag or hung banner. The pithier your text, the better.

4.Table Cover

Trade Show Tents

Events like expos, trade shows, career fairs and more are full of tables, and in an instance like this, you can't afford for your table to fade into the background. You want your table to capture people's attention and raise awareness of your brand. However, some expos and other events only allow for a tabletop exhibit. This means you just have one 6- or 8-foot table to get people's attention. With less space, every design decision is crucial.

A custom table covering is one of the best ways to make the most of your tabletop display. There's no better way to give your table a professional look and make your branding noticeable. While table coverings will enhance any display, no matter the size, they're essential when space is limited.

5. Event Marketing Umbrella

Trade Show Tents

Custom commercial umbrellas can perform a variety of functions at outdoor supplier events or trade shows. They can make your booth visible from a distance and attract people to your area. They can help you solidify your brand by making your logo and slogan visible to attendees. And, on the more practical side, they shield you and your colleagues from the sun's UV rays and make you more comfortable when working outdoors. They also make your booth look more classy and professional, and are sturdy enough to leave them in place for a multi-day event.

Custom umbrellas are easy to customize and are available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your brand. You can customize them to best reflect your branding and marketing messages.

You can partner up with a local restaurant or cafe and offer to pitch in (or even sponsor) the umbrellas, provided they are branded with your information. Many businesses are open to such arrangements, as everyone benefits. If you install market umbrellas in high-traffic places, it’s like a billboard for you business; you’ll have a captive audience and capture the attention of those whom you might not reach otherwise. For the establishment on the receiving end, they receive free shade for their valued customers!


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