What do you need for an outdoor trade show?

Whether you're an attendee or an exhibitor, trade shows and other industry events are full of opportunities. But especially for exhibitors, 2022 throws some curveballs that are best addressed with out-of-the-box thinking. With nearly every event (at least in the U.S.) postponed, canceled or fundamentally changed, companies in all industries are looking for alternatives. Outdoor trade show displays offer this possibility, allowing you to interact with your audience without compromising security.
What makes outdoor exhibitions a viable option?

The sheer volume of trade shows suggests that they will attract thousands of attendees by 2023. Before the pandemic, they were often crowded, cramped and poorly ventilated. This makes them a high-risk event for many. But that doesn't mean trade shows and other events have to be abandoned altogether. Go outdoors to find solutions to your problems.

Outdoor displays are an effective solution because bringing your exhibits outdoors allows people to explore more safely.

No need to worry about ventilation.

There's plenty of space for your exhibit and visitors - wait in line, check out the exhibit, chat with booth staff and chat with each other while staying safe.

There is no doubt that social distancing and other security measures are top of mind. If you want to exhibit, make sure you consider it. If people are too cautious to visit your booth, there's no point in putting in the effort to exhibit. By going outdoors, you can meet people where they are happy to interact with you.

When it comes to outdoor trade show displays, you first need to choose a trade show tent
Custom trade show tents from ShiningShow, for example, allow you to put your branding on the tent so you're instantly noticeable in the crowd.

In addition to tents, you may also need portable exhibits

For example

Portable displays are perfect for outdoor activities. In fact, outdoor displays are often portable and versatile because they need to work in places that may not be designed for commercial exhibits. If your exhibit is portable, it can be displayed almost anywhere.

Please note that you may need to change some of the exhibit components for outdoor use. Many portable exhibits are component-based, rather than made from a single large structure. This means that some elements of the portable compartment will need to be changed to make it suitable for outdoor use. For example, outdoor signs may need to be modified to ensure that they are protected from sudden gusts of wind. The best outdoor signs tend to be sturdy and somewhat heavy, such as floor supports that are reasonably weighted at the bottom, or banner signs that are securely fastened in place to ensure they are visible.

For outdoor exhibitions, mobile exhibits are also essential

For example.

  • Portable Lit Floor Stand
  • Adjustable Top and Bottom Clamps
  • Sidewalk Sign
  • Model Display Case

Mobile displays are portable displays that take it to the next level. While there are many devices that can be set up on an indoor trade show floor, they can also be used outdoors in your home, making them ideal for current use.

Visiting with a mobile exhibit is a great option for attending trade shows. You can visit multiple locations and meet people from all over the country, just as you would at an annual event. The added benefit of a portable exhibit is that you don't have to compete with all the other exhibits to get noticed. You can also visit a wider selection of locations because you are not limited to the city of your display.

Another advantage of mobile exhibits? They can be as simple or as detailed as your budget dictates. Whether it's a one-person booth or a wagon show with a full team of employees, you can get your brand message across to any audience.

There are new opportunities outdoors!

2022 isn't the year anyone at the show expected, but that doesn't mean the event floor is over, and it definitely doesn't mean you should be stagnant when it comes to bouncing back! Flexibility is an important part of success, and that goes for when it comes to getting your brand message where it needs to be. Why not use this opportunity to change things up and go where your customers and competitors aren't already: outdoors?


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