6 Best Promotional Inflatable Tents Designs for Trade Shows and Events

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Custom pop-up tents are a great way to showcase your branding at events, but they may not always be practical. For example, some small businesses don't like to drag a 60-90 pound aluminum tent around. Especially in some places with special environment, such as ski resorts, cross-country events, paragliding bases, etc. This is a big reason why inflatable tents are so popular. They're lightweight (about 30 pounds), easy to set up (about 5-15 minutes!), and they look super cool.

Honestly, the unique design and shape of inflatable event tents is another big reason why more brands are adopting this custom tent style — even using multiple tents to create a large event space. Appearance brings a visual impact, which is more helpful for people to remember the brand and marketing content.

6 Best Promotional Inflatable Tents Designs for Trade Shows and Events

1. Basic Inflatable Tents

Inflatable Tents
The basic inflatable tents can be set up by one person in 5 minutes. Since these inflatable tents have no rigid frame, they are also lightweight, require minimal storage space, and can easily participate in any event. 4 sizes available: 10'x10', 13'x13', 16'x16'; 20'x20'.

2. Extended Inflatable Tents

 Inflatable Tents

The Extended series is a high quality sealed inflatable tent that builds on the Basic series which now has six inflatable feet. It has more coverage and is suitable for any professional event or family parties. 4 sizes available: 14'x24', 18'x31', 23'x39', 27'x47'.

3. Hexagonal Inflatable Tents

 Inflatable Tents

The Hexagonal series is a distinctive and attractive large inflatable tent. Designed to give your brand the right exposure, custom inflatable tents are sure to leave a lasting impression at any event. 3 sizes available: 26'x26', 33'x33', 39'x39'.

4. Plus Inflatable Tents

 Inflatable Tents

The Plus series features aerodynamic shape technology. With careful design, they can withstand harsh weather conditions (wind, rain, etc.) and rough terrain (mountains, beaches, etc.). 4 sizes available: 13’x13’, 16’x16’, 20’x20’.

5. Triangular Inflatable Tents

 Inflatable Tents

The air wave inflatable canopy design will help your brand get the recognition it deserves by creating a fun, unique display. This inflatable tent is magnetic, easily customizable, and uniquely shaped to impress. 4 sizes available: 14'x14', 18'x18', 22'x22', 26'x26'.

6. Star Inflatable Tents

 Inflatable Tents

The Star inflatable structure's idea comes from alu pole star tent. With its unbelievable high pressure center pole, the structure is far more stronger than alu pole star tent. Also because of None-Metal at the pole top, it is impossible that the canopy would break. 5 sizes available: 26’, 33’, 39’, 46’.

One of our favorite parts of the job is helping clients bring their ideas to life. Your business is unique, so why not have a display that showcases that. If you are not sure where to start we have designers ready to help you get started on making your dream tent a reality.

Reach out today to learn more about inflatable canopy tents (and inflatable furniture!).

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