On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents

This article mainly introduces how the finished commercial canopy tents you have seen are processed step by step. I believe that after you reading it, you will have a deeper understanding of our canopy tents.

Step No.1  Cutting the Material: CNC cutting profiles, accurate and efficient.

 On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents

After the raw material of the aluminum is prepared, it is accurately cut into various sizes and shapes that required according to the requirements of the drawings. And the on-site measurement and verification are carried out to prevent deviations and ensure the accuracy of the cut materials


Step No.2  Slotting & Drilling

 On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents

The technical person inputs the programming according to the requirements of the drawings, then the machining center will perform automatic operation. Complete the integration of slot milling, tool change and drilling. Improve work efficiency, strictly control the quality, and ensure consistent hole positions.



Step No.3  Welding the iron parts: Gas shielded welding welds by manually

 On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents

Why choose Gas shielded welding?

Two Reasons here:

  1. Gas shielded welding has a wide range of applications and can weld thin plates, thick plates and all-position welding
  2. Gas shielded welding has strong rust resistance. It is not as sensitive to rust, oil and moisture on the weldment as other welding methods, and has better resistance to gas control.



Step No.4   Punches Spare Parts

On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents 

The spare parts are scattered and small, more suitable for small radial drilling machines.

The spare parts are clamped on the platform of the rocker type small drilling machine, and then determine the drilling position to drill.



Step No.5   Sanding to Debure

 On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents

The edges will be relatively sharp after cut and CNC machined that it will be easy to hurt us during use. So don't forget polish these burrs.



Step No.6   Cutting Oxford Cloth

Manual cutting, precise, careful and warm

 On The Craftsmanship Of Making Canopy Tents

Mark the cutting range and path in advance, and then cut slowly and carefully according to the path, to ensure the uniform size of each oxford cloth and reduce errors


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