What does a real heavy-duty tent look like?

Heavy duty tents are battle-tested.

Whether you’re having need your business to stand out at an important event , or high school cross country athletes, heavy-duty tents are tough set it up before the big race, easy to set up, and extremely reliable. 

 As a tent manufacturer with decades of experience,we employ a team of engineers, metal fabricators, sewers, and product specialists who are in a great position to educate buyers on the ins and outs of heavy duty tents. 

 Shiningshow has developed two important tent models — Y6 and Y7. Y7 is our heavy-duty pop-up tent; Y6 is our medium-duty solution.

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1. Heavy duty aluminum

If you are buying a pop-up tent for the first time, you will have a lot of options to choose from. However, when it comes to frame materials, there are basically only two options: aluminum and steel.

 We'll give you a brief overview of the differences. Cheap recreational tents are usually framed in steel, while professional, commercial-grade tents are made of aluminum.

 Steel is cheaper to purchase, which allows companies like E-Z UP to sell pop-up tents for about $150. But remember: you get what you pay for.

Steel is much heavier and denser than aluminum, which means the weight of your tent adds up quickly. Steel tent legs tend to be thin, making them more likely to break. If a manufacturer made the legs of a steel tent as thick as a heavy-duty aluminum tent, a 10x10 tent would weigh three times as much - over 200 pounds!

That's right! Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel, which allows manufacturers like us to make thick tent legs for ultimate durability. As a bonus, we make our tents with anodized aluminum, making the oxide layer on the surface almost as hard as a diamond. Good luck breaking those legs!

 Our heavy-duty Y6 uses aluminum - about 45 mm - which is more than four times thicker than a typical recreational pop-up tent.



Shiningshow uses 500D polyester fabric for our standard stock color canopy tents, and 600D for our custom-printed commercial canopies.

Safe, waterproof, sun-proof and flame retardant

We use flame retardant, waterproof and scratch resistant materials. Tents made of this material are wrinkle-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant (50+), mold-resistant, and long-lasting.

Durable Sturdy and wind resistant

The Shiningshow canopy tent is made of PVC coated fabric with SGS color fastness certification and has a high wind speed resistance rating. Up to 30-45 mph.

3.Dye Sublimation & UV Printing

 Dye Sublimation:

  • Imported pigments can print full Pantone color card colors. 
  • The high-definition pattern is customized with long-lasting color.
  • With our 600D fabric, it has passed the CPAI-84 fire, water, and UV test.

UV Printing:

  • UV printing ink can print any color without limitation.
  • Ultra-high definition pattern customization. 
  • A higher level of UV protection, sun protection and color retention are excellent. 
  • Made of 900D fabric, it gives you all-around protecti

4.Quick installation in five minutes

Easy to set up, clean and maintain. Westshade pop-up canopy tent is light weight. Easy to carry, foldable for transportation and storage, making your transportation process less complicated.

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