How to host an adult birthday party!

I just threw myself a surprise birthday party the other day, for just a few hundred dollars, and the sweetness quotient is UP!


Fun ideas, fun atmosphere, and inviting good friends to spend quality time together.


We live in the suburbs and have a small yard with a big rectangular table, and I super love inviting my pals over for a nice dinner!


It was my 30th birthday party, no need to be extravagant, just live from the heart.


Birthdays are very special and fun days, and I thought it would be a good idea to prepare for them. I only spent a few hundred dollars on this party, but had a lot to share, so I thought I'd share it with you if you're planning one too!


Pre-planning: one month before the party


Yes, we need to prepare these a month in advance, there are a lot of things waiting for you to arrange, you know!

    1. Set the date.

The ideal day for the party is on a weekend. This way our guests will have time to come to the party. If your birthday falls on a weekday, choose the weekend before or after your actual birthday. Seriously, I feel lucky that it happened to be a Saturday haha.


    2. Choose the venue.

This is determined by your needs. If you want to spend time with family and friends, then holding it in the yard is a good choice; if it's a more formal party for guests, you may need to go to a restaurant or find another venue. I chose the courtyard behind my house and it was big enough for us to party all night.


    3.Your guest list.

I make a list of all the guests I want to invite, to make sure I don't leave out the important ones, that's not good.


   4. Send your birthday invitations.

After you decide on the venue and date, prepare a nice birthday party invitation, I think it's really ceremonial, isn't it!


    5. Consider budget.

    Before you start your birthday party planning, avoid spending too much money by setting a budget.


    Planning details: 3 weeks before the party


    Before throwing a birthday party, there are some preparations to consider to ensure the smoothest process. The party is sure to be fun for the host, and for the guests!

        1.  Clear your space

    Take some time in the days leading up to your event to clean and organize the outdoor space where you will be hosting your garden party. Sweep up all leaves and debris and deep clean your patio.


         2. Create a to-do list and shopping list

    With just a few weeks to plan everything, it's time to decide on a menu, decorations, entertainment or games.


    • Food

    No party is complete without great food. Barbecue is always a great party idea.

    That's why I prepared a patio grill, which is very cost-effective and only costs $59 for a perfect grilling experience.

    A buffet is the most popular and easiest way to serve food, especially if you're hosting a party at a restaurant or at home. Prepare some snacks and hang out before dinner.

    How-to-host-an -adult-birthday-party!
    • Decorating

    If you have a theme, it's easier to decorate. Decorate your patio party table decorations with table cover, lanterns and ornate tableware; a sophisticated party needs these.

    How-to-host-an -adult-birthday-party!

    I also made myself a birthday poster to welcome everyone to my birthday party and I really like this birthday gift from ShiningShow.By the way, they sent me a sidewali sign.

    How-to-host-an -adult-birthday-party!

    For a relaxed atmosphere, additions such as a water feature and a few hanging baskets filled with beautiful flowers dotted around the garden can really help bring the space to life.


    Maybe you need an smart string light when the night comes, and trust me, it will surprise you! Talk about life with your family and friends under the soft light.

    ShiningShow Smart String Lights,15m Colored Patio Lights, Works By Bluetooth or WIFI, 15 Shatterproof RGBW Bulbs

    If you have children attending, keep the little ones busy by having an area of the patio equipped with outdoor toys.


    • Ensure warmth

    As fall approaches, temperatures aren't always reliable. Consider adding a patio heater to your party prep to keep the shindig running as late as possible - be aware of your neighbors!

    How to host an adult birthday party!

    IMPORTANT TIP: I have a little tip for making our parties more comfortable. Make sure each guest is equipped with a fluffy blanket to stay warm as the night progresses.


    • Entertainment and games

    Fun games can increase everyone's interaction and make this party active. Prepare some activities and games to keep your guests entertained. Keep the activities relevant to the theme you have chosen. You can play your favorite music to entertain your guests.


    • Gifts

    Your guests will appreciate the souvenirs of your birthday party. Be sure to give birthday party favors that relate to your theme. For example, I have prepared beautiful little pendants for all my friends.

    How-to-host-an -adult-birthday-party!


    My friends and I had a meaningful 30th birthday party, and if you happen to have a birthday party planned, I hope my sharing will be helpful to you!

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