How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

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Do you enjoy spending time on your home patio? Create a quiet and comfortable space in your backyard, away from all the hustle and bustle, to be alone or to enjoy a nice time with family and friends.


To create such a place we need to consider adding some furniture or decorative items. Like a table, a chair or a sofa, and, perhaps, an umbrella in view of the outdoor weather.

The right ShiningShow market umbrella can give you what you need. Whether you want to quietly enjoy a good book, soak up the sun by the pool with your kids, or have a drink with family and friends, a ShiningShow Market umbrella can help you effectively block UV rays from harming you, shade from the sun, and keep the elements at bay. But it's not that simple to choose the right market umbrella for you. We will provide you with 7 steps to pick the right outdoor market umbrella.

 How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

What is a market umbrella?

I think, or we need to give a definition before we start. What is a market umbrella? We have a simple definition.


A market umbrella is an upright umbrella with a straight central pole, a large sunshade used primarily for protection from direct sunlight.

If you recall, you will see them in many places, in restaurants or cafes in outdoor lounge areas, by swimming pools. Or we can also call them "terrace umbrellas".

At ShiningShow you can choose from different shapes and sizes, from square to octagonal, and there are also market umbrellas that can be tilted so you can adjust the angle. No matter where the sun is in the sky, you can enjoy all-round shade.


So, with that definition in mind, it's time to explore how to choose the right market umbrella for your outdoor patio.

How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

Step 1: Find your patio's unique features

The first thing to consider when purchasing a market patio umbrella is the location. Where will you be using your market umbrella? Based on our observations, there are 4 most popular spaces.


Patio: The patio of your own home is especially good for hosting a party, drinking beer, barbecuing and spending time with family and friends. You need strong enough shade, a large size market umbrella can give solve your problem. Of course, you need to consider the size of the space.

Deck: A deck usually serves the same purpose as a patio, but it is raised on the ground and will have a larger height. You will need to consider the size of the umbrella you are buying for the market, as well as a fixed base to keep it secure and to deal with strong winds.

Pool: If you have a pool in your yard, wow, I can already imagine the joy of having a party by the pool. Prepare some cold drinks and food, invite three or five friends, and our market umbrella provides enough shade to protect you and your family from UV rays, and enjoy your own fun.

Garden: A garden can give you a quiet space to sit there and do your own thing, but of course we need a shade to protect us from UV rays. But when buying a market umbrella for the garden, the size needs to be smaller because it can't affect the sunlight on the flowers and plants.


So, depending on the location of the patio to be used and the size of the space available, you need to decide on the size of the patio umbrella to facilitate your subsequent activities.


Step 2: Consider what size market umbrella you need

By better understanding your outdoor patio space and its application scenarios, you can begin to consider the size of your market umbrella.

ShiningShow market umbrellas are available in sizes from 6.5FT to 16.4FT to facilitate your needs for multiple scenarios or events.


  • If it's a personal spaceyou want to create for your own solitude, then 6.5FT, 7.5FT or 9FT will suit your needs.
  • If you want to gather with your family or invite friends to a party, then consider 10FT, 11.5FT.
  • If it's a party for more than 10 people, I think you need an oversized umbrella, ShiningShow offers 13FT and 16.4FT sizes.


Step 3: Determine the shape and color of your market umbrella based on your preferences

Great! You've figured out where to use the patio umbrella and the size, let's take a look at its shape and color.

What are the factors to consider? I think it's three things; the function you need; the size of the table and chairs you want to place; and the theme of your patio decor.


  • Function:whether it is for personal use or multiple use; for decoration or shade; consider the function you need.
  • Placement space:To match the table and chairs placed, we need to pick an appropriate shape, square or octagonal, depending on you.
  • Decorating theme:Choose a color that fits with your decorating theme. You can create a beautiful space with the ShiningShow Market umbrella.
How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

Step 4: Sturdy, wind- and sun-proof? Choose the right canopy material and frame

One of the things we all think about when buying a market umbrella is whether it's sturdy and durable, and it really depends on two things. One of them is the canopy material used for the patio umbrella. shiningShow market umbrellas offer two brands of fabrics - SDP and AGORA.


  • SDP fabric:Made of solution-dyed polyester, it is waterproof, stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain, has anti-mold properties, is durable and has UPF 50+ protection to block UV rays.
  • AGORA fabric: Made of solution-dyed acrylic. UPF 50 + protection with excellent color fastness, durability and resistance to UV and weathering. In addition, AGORA lasts longer than SDP.


Step 5: Lasting use? Choose a sturdy frame

How do you assess the sturdiness of a market umbrella? You need to consider the material of the frame. Because the frame provides weight and support for the entire patio umbrella so that it stands with your patio without falling over, ShiningShow Market Umbrellas are designed to provide ideal coverage and protection for all your activities, and we offer 3 materials for the frame that you can choose from as needed.


  • Aluminum Pole: Strong and durable with thick, heavy-duty square aluminum ribs. Combined with stainless steel riveted joints, it provides you with a virtually indestructible outdoor space. The unparalleled robustness of the frame allows it to withstand strong winds of up to 45mph. We highly recommend aluminum poles.
  • Fiberglass Poles:Commercial grade fiberglass ribs that move and deflect wind energy. Withstands high winds of 35-45mph.
  • Steel poles:Bronze powder coated steel with thick square steel ribs for durability. But it's heavy, so not the best choice.
How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

Step 6: Add the windproof base, we need it to be more stable

We've done a good part of picking a market umbrella, and there's one last step: choosing a base.

In addition to holding the center in place, the base keeps the patio umbrella sturdy by its own weight. The more weight the base has, the more solid your umbrella will be in windy weather. Also, the weight of our base needs to match the size of the canopy. shiningShow market umbrellas offer 4 types of bases.


  • Square Base With Natural Sense:  Aluminum tube, easy to install onto the base by rotary screw thread.
  • Square Polished Granite Base: Polished granite surface, Stainless steel tube Luggage frame to move easily.
  • Wheeled Removable Steel Base: Available Weight----55lbs / 77lbs / 99lbs. Suitable for even ground.This wheeled base hold the umbrella by itself weight, This wheeled base holds the umbrella by its own weight, all in 1 piece, no assembly requested. The steel base with durable powder coating,anti rust.
  • Base For Oversize Umbrella: 57Ibs, Base for Oversize Umbrella, Marine grade aluminum powder, Cast alloy base plate, Simple design without losing details.
How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

Step 7: Add some music and lights for a little ambiance

Great! With these six steps, we have now selected the right market patio umbrella and it's time to create a little ambiance.

How to choose the best Market Umbrella for your patio?

At night, you can set up some ambient lights to decorate your patio, and ShiningShow has aBluetooth LED light stringthat will create a cozy ambiance for your patio. Illuminate your patio by placing it on top of your patio umbrella, and have a great time with a little music playing.


Do ShiningShow umbrellas effectively block UV rays?

Yes! ShiningShow Marketplace patio umbrellas do protect against UV rays. In fact, our umbrellas offer SPF 50+ protection and the fabric blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. Protecting you from UV rays.


How do I maintain my Marketplace umbrella?

Maintaining your Market Umbrella is simple. You need to rinse it regularly to remove dirt. If a deeper cleaning is needed, wet the canopy thoroughly and then use a soft brush to clean the fabric. Allow it to dust and dry, then replace it on the frame.



Market umbrellas can help you make the most of your outdoor patio space, whether you're soaking up the sun by the pool with your kids or having a hearty drink with family and friends.


Remember to consider the size of the umbrella relative to the space you're trying to protect, and the color of the canopy will affect the style of your patio. The right canopy and frame material will ensure that you enjoy a sturdy and durable umbrella. However, don't forget to market the umbrella base for protection. When the wind picks up, we need its weight to keep it up.

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