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Advantages and Role of Shiningshow's Inflatable Tents in Commercial Exhibitions

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Commercial exhibitions provide an excellent platform for companies to promote their products and showcase their services to a wider audience. These events offer networking opportunities to meet, connect and build relationships with potential customers. Hence, businesses nowadays use innovative marketing strategies to advertise their brand to grab the target audience's attention. 

One such way is to use Shiningshow’s inflatable tent. Such trade show tents have recently become popular for companies because they provide them with a prominent branding presence, making them stand out in commercial exhibitions. In this blog, we’ll explore the different advantages of inflatable tents and the valuable role each plays in enhancing the overall experience of companies during exhibitions.

Benefits of Shiningshow’s Inflatable Tent and How it Helps in Commercial Exhibitions

An inflatable tent is a cost-effective promotional structure that you can use in hundreds of outdoor events to market your brand. It plays an important role in commercial exhibitions by providing a visually appealing shelter for businesses to showcase their products. Here are a few advantages of inflatable tents that can prove helpful when you are promoting your services in exhibitions:

Large, customized inflatable tent provides plenty of space and shade for  festive gameday fun.

Highly Customizable-Improves Brand Visibility and Recognition

The canopies of our inflatable tents are easily customizable according to your choice of color, text, company logo, and photo. We use full-color digital heat sublimation printing hence, our tents are scratch free and fade-resistant. Moreover, you can customize the inflatable tent's size and shape to suit your brand’s image best. 

Thus, a fully customized printed canopy tent will better represent you and your business. With your company’s message printed high above the tent, it will be a perfect advertising medium to attract prospective customers. Hence, custom inflatables with proper branding, graphics, and signage will improve your brand’s recognition and portray a professional image of your company.

Superior Durability- Protects from Harsh Weather Conditions

We manufacture inflatable tents from heavy-duty 600D PU-coated polyester fabric that can withstand bad weather conditions. They are waterproof and UV resistant, hence there will be no leakage under rainy weather, and the tent will not heat up due to the scorching sun. Unlike traditional pole tents, our inflatable products will not be easily torn and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy exhibition.

Weather conditions can sometimes be unpredictable. Hence, our durable inflatable tents will provide a reliable shelter for exhibitors, attendees, businesses, and their products during an outdoor event. Thus making sure that your booth remains functional regardless of the weather conditions.

Extremely Portable - Convenient Transportation to Different Locations

One of the biggest advantages of our inflatable tents is that you can easily carry them with you to multiple exhibitions. Since we don’t use any heavy frames in the printed canopy tent design, they can easily be deflated, folded, and transported. You can compress it and fit into a sedan, truck, or SUV or squeeze it inside a saddlebag on a motorcycle. 

This turns out to be useful when you have to promote your business in various locations, as we aim to provide you with quality and convenience.  Unlike billboard advertisements or pole tents, you can carry your custom logo canopy to different festivals and tradeshows with less hassle. Thus, our inflatable products can be transported and reused in different exhibition venues. This feature is especially beneficial for events that require a quick turnaround time between exhibitions.

AXION Square Sealed Inflatable Tent - AU Stretch tents

Easy Installation- Saves Time and Requires Less Labour for Assembling

Traditional pole tents require placement planning, assembling of parts, and lots of manual effort to set it up. However, our inflatable tent can be installed quickly and easily. You just need to turn on the electric air pump and wait only a few minutes until the tent is fully inflated. We have installed overflow valves to ensure that excess air gets released automatically. Thus maintaining optimum pressure in the tent.

Our tents are much easier to work with. It hardly requires one or two people to set it up. This saves time and reduces manpower and tent installation or removal workload when your company participates in multiple exhibitions. Thus, you can spend more time interacting with the customers than on the installation process.

Versatile Designs - Maximizes Flexibility and Customer Attraction 

Our printed canopy tents are made in various unique shapes and sizes that help businesses stand out in a crowded exhibition. Some shapes we design are basic, extend, hexagonal, plus, and star inflatable tents. 

Thus, the more catchy, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing the design, the more customers your booth will attract. It will help to steal the attention of people from quite a distance. Moreover, as our tent dimensions or shapes can be customized, it increases its flexibility to fit in any exhibition space.

Cost-Effective - Reusable and Lower Maintenance

Our custom logo canopy is less expensive to purchase or rent than traditional tents. It is because its structural design is very simple, and no expensive poles or parts are involved. Its installation doesn't require a large labor force, saving a lot of money. 

Moreover, as our inflatable products are easily portable, it also saves transportation expenditure. You can deflate it and reuse it later in multiple exhibitions when not in use. This will reduce the recurring cost of advertisements. Since we use stain-resistant tent fabric material, thus it demands minimum cleaning and maintenance.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, Shining show’s inflatable tents are the best investment companies can make for marketing themselves in commercial exhibitions. Since it provides you with a dedicated area to promote your products, thus you’ll look professional among your competitors. Hence, customizable tents are the best advertising tools businesses can use to showcase their services and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

We at Shining show are the market-leading inflatable tent producers. We aim to produce high-quality tents with trending designs at the most affordable rates. So, if you plan to participate in an upcoming exhibition, contact us for the best inflatable tent that fits your brand requirements and will drive maximum sales.

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