What are the reliable exhibition equipment?

What are the reliable exhibition equipment?

Exhibiting at an outdoor event often means you must be ready for anything! And that takes good planning and a good kit that you can trust against all the elements. 

3 kinds of excellent display equipment

Posters Sidewalk Double Sign

Whether it's an exhibition or a store promotion. A portable sidewalk sign holder can do the trick! Imagine placing this portable sidewalk sign holder on the side of the road, it is sure to get the attention of passersby.

The body of these sidewalk signs is made of high quality aluminum. The backing is made of high-strength aluminum composite panel, which can also be replaced by galvanized steel, density board, etc. The high-definition PVC transparent film can be equipped with U-shaped iron frame.

Custom Printed Streth Table Cove

Personalized logo tablecloths that instantly dress up flat or folding tables are the key to creating a professional look. Let us help you design your tabletop displays to connect together with printed tablecloths that make your logo and brand name instantly visible and put you in a good position for the trade show or event.


A commercial grade custom event tent is a great way to create a compelling promotional opportunity that provides instant shade and shelter from weather conditions, and it is made of durable materials that can withstand weather, water, fire and scratches.tent frames are smartly designed and adjustable to hold up in wind speeds up to 30-45mph.

The key points you need to focus on when choosing display equipments

Resisting Water

Ensure your electrical items are IP7 rated as a minimum to ensure they’re water resistant. Next up, check your gear, and if you have a roof on your stand, be sure to check it’s not going to leak! 

Resisting Wind

 Take steps to ensure your kit can’t leave the ground. Consider sandbags, tie-downs, in-ground stakes or pegs, and ground screws. All our display walls, gazebos and shades can be supplied with these extras to ensure your outdoor event runs smoothly.

Resisting Sun

Protecting your kit from the sun means investing in quality fabrics and using dye sublimation printing to minimise fade. But you also owe it to your visitors to protect them from the sun. 

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