Warmth and comfort from winter - Hanging Heaters

Are you considering purchasing an outdoor heater? Do you think a suspended patio heater might be the best choice for you?

In the following guide, I will briefly introduce hanging patio heaters

What is a suspended patio heater?

A patio heater is a delightful addition to your outdoor area. Depending on your patio configuration, hanging may be the best option for outdoor heater installation.

Suspended patio heaters are installed on the ceiling of a gazebo or garage, on a beam on a deck, inside a tent, or under an umbrella or shade. By radiating heat from above, suspended deck heaters offer a great way to feel more comfortable when staying outside during colder moments.

What are the best patio heaters in 2022?

Suspended patio heaters come in all shapes, sizes and heating types. But ultimately, only one will meet your heating, aesthetic and budget needs. Below, we've reviewed 3 of the best outdoor suspended patio heaters on the market to help you.

1、ShiningShow Silver Series - Best Hanging Electric Patio Heater

Warmth and comfort from winter - Hanging Heaters
The ShiningShow is a great hanging patio heater. Equipped with a smart halogen heating element that emits infrared light, you'll get natural, slow warmth on chilly nights that reaches right to your cold bones.Silver Springs' directional heat path doesn't wastefully vent heat into the surrounding air, but ensures you get more for your money.

There are three convenient heat settings to further refine your use of the ShiningShow suspended patio heater. Choose the setting that works best for the day without worrying about outrageous electricity bills. The halogen lamp's lifespan of over 5,000 hours further enhances the cost effectiveness and ensures stress-free operation while you relax on your patio.

If you're looking for a top-notch all-purpose suspended patio heater, the Silver Series from ShiningShow is a great choice. Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction, rustic hanging chains and long-lasting halogen lights offer incredible value in return, not to mention a maintenance-free, hassle-free experience.

Aesthetically, structurally and functionally, this hanging patio heater is perfect for leaning against the elements, keeping you warm at all times while providing gentle but consistent infrared heat.


2、Wall Mounted Patio Outdoor Heater

Warmth and comfort from winter - Hanging Heaters
The ShiningShow hanging halogen heater provides light and heat for small areas. It hangs on a chain and is perfect for keeping warm while working in the garage or spending chilly nights on the patio. This outdoor heater relies on efficient halogen heating technology to distribute heat exactly where you want it.

You can mount the heater on the ceiling or hang it inside a tent or gazebo for both indoor and outdoor use. It is CE certified and comes with a waterproof plug for added safety.

The general conclusion is that the ShiningShow Wall Mounted Patio Outdoor Heater is a great hanging patio heater that can provide a lot of heat for quite a few people. One reviewer even added that it would keep her food warm at the table (what a great idea!) .

It can also be used as a lamp and comes fully assembled. The only problem is that you have to sit very close to it to feel the warmth. Oh, and the cord is short, so in most cases you'll have to use an extension cord.

Buyers of the ShiningShow patio heater are usually happy with their purchase and find it to be good value for money. Hanging 2 of the units on a table, the output is powerful enough to keep a small group of guests comfortable and warm. Its orange lighting also creates a nice ambiance.

3、Standing Heater Patio heater

Warmth and comfort from winter - Hanging Heaters
The Standing Heater Patio heater infrared patio heater has switchable LED lighting, so it can double as a comfort light while keeping you and your company warm.

The heater has two carbon heating elements that produce two heating outputs: 750W, 1.5kW , heating an area of up to 9 square meters. It is sold with steel chains and practical spring hooks for standing, making the installation process even easier.

The maximum output of this standed patio heater is very powerful. When it is suspended at a height of 2.5 meters above the ground and aimed directly downward, it can radiate heat up to a radius of 3 meters.

Despite the size of the unit, it takes a while to heat the area. That said, patience will get a strong but pleasant warmth. Some buyers mentioned that the remote control does not work very well to the touch. On the bright side, this deck heater was easy to install.

Standing Heater Patio heater Series has a wider heating range than comparable but smaller products, and it has a more intense heat.

If you have a large patio or a fairly large commercial space to heat, the Heizsporn is the right choice. Despite its large size, this suspended electric patio heater weighs only 3 kg.

Should I choose a suspended patio heater?

A suspended patio heater is a suitable choice when you are sitting around a table or performing stationary tasks. Unlike their gas-fueled counterparts, these infrared heaters are quiet and odorless, so they won't interrupt your conversation or break your concentration.

Hanging patio heaters are versatile

As I mentioned, hanging heaters often use infrared technology, which gives you full control over the direction of the radiant heat. These heaters produce a subtle but pleasant heat that allows you to eat and socialize comfortably underneath the unit.

Suspended infrared outdoor heaters can also be installed above the changing table to provide warmth for your baby. Most hospital birthing suites rely on this technology to keep babies warm immediately after birth.

These patio heaters are also suitable for heating stables when raising young animals or during the cold winter months.

If you are fortunate enough to have a semi-enclosed space, such as a greenhouse or conservatory, then a small hanging patio heater can add a lot of value without detracting from the decor of your place. That's because these heaters are often discreetly designed and conveniently hidden out of sight, so you'll hardly notice them at all. Which brings me to my next important point.

Suspended deck heaters don't take up any floor space!

When they're mounted on the ceiling, suspended heaters don't clutter up your valuable floor space. Unlike floor-mounted gas heaters, suspended electric units require no fuel changes, so there's no hassle in carrying gas cylinders. The power cord conveniently moves out of the way after installation, so there's no tripping hazard on your floor.

How do you secure a suspended deck heater?

Most hanging deck heaters come with adjustable metal chains that can be hung from hooks in the ceiling. For easy installation and removal, some of these heaters are sold with climbing clips or spring hooks.

To avoid creating a fire hazard, install the heater between 30 and 50 cm below the awning or gazebo. Therefore, the metal chain used for hanging should always be at least 50 cm long. Suspend the heater at least 2-3 meters from the ground for optimal heat.

Keep in mind that these general instructions may vary depending on the make and model of outdoor heater.

Is it safe to leave a suspended patio heater outdoors?

Most outdoor electric heaters can be safely hung from the roof or under a canopy. That said, not every heater can be left out in the open. That's why it's important to check the Ingress Protection (IP) certification of the patio heater you're about to purchase.

Ingress protection is a classification system that shows how well the unit protects against intruding elements, such as dust, debris or water. When choosing a suspended patio heater, we want to know how well it resists water ingress.

I hope my guide answered your most pressing questions about suspended patio heaters, and that my list of top products offers some good choices.

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