How to Start Planning Your Outdoor New Year's Eve Party

How to Start Planning Your Outdoor New Year's Eve Party

Are ShiningShow tents suitable for outdoor parties?

How to Start Planning Your Outdoor New Year's Eve Party

Absolutely, Heavy Duty tents are our most popular tents. These rugged units are made of Heavy Duty Frame, a heavy-duty aluminum, one of the most versatile tent frames in the industry today. We have 3 frames, Y5 Economy , Y6 Commercial, Y7 Heavy Duty. the fabric is also CPAI-84 certified so that resists UV, water, fire and wind, always providing safe shade. 8 sizes are available: 10X10, 10X15, 10X20, 13X13, 16X16, 13X20, 13X26, 20X20.

Whether it's a formal event or a community social event, these tents will achieve the effect you want. They are spacious, inviting and can be the focal point of a New Year's Eve jam. At ShiningShow, we want your year-end party to be memorable, full of fun and laughter. Here are some ways to plan this outdoor event.

Plan outdoors and save time and frustration

When it comes to New Year's Eve parties, everyone is in New York City's Times Square waiting for the ball to drop. There is anticipation in the air as great music, food and dancing are vital to keeping your guests happy and comfortable. However, for outdoor parties, you need an affordable tent that offers optimal convenience and security. Our heavy-duty tents are magnificently designed to tower over your entire event. They offer the following benefits.

  • Engineered and wind-loaded tested for wind speeds up to 45 mph.
  • The ShiningShow Frame System features leg heights that can be adjusted as needed.
  • ShiningShow offers solid color tents in a variety of colors. We also have stakes, ropes, axes and other accessories sold separately.
  • Each size can be customized with a tent top. A free mock up design is available for you.
  • In addition to printed graphics, you can also decorate these tents with New Year's Eve balloons, banners, party graphics, video screens and more.
  • Before planning your outdoor party, check the weather in your area. ShiningShow tents can withstand inclement weather and gusty winds, but it's best to plan your event in advance to prevent setbacks and surprises.

Outdoor Planning: The Menu for a New Year's Eve Bash

Now that you've chosen one of our fine tents, it's time to plan the menu. For a formal outdoor party, you must consider the different types of cuisine your guests will enjoy. Make sure to offer low sodium and vegetarian options for health-conscious attendees. If children are attending the event, they will need a separate menu as well. Since it will be New Year's Eve, you may want to stock up on wine, champagne, beer and spirits. Prepare a soft drink for the kids, preferably by getting RSVPs from invitees to see which foods, appetizers and drinks they prefer. While not all party hosts do this, it's a great way to save time and money and enjoy the holidays without the stress and problems.

Plan for the weather to get cold

New Year's Eve usually sees frigid temperatures across the country. Some areas are sure to get snow, while others have to deal with cold weather and ice. While Miami usually doesn't have to worry about snow, mud and ice, it can get cold in the Magic City. With this in mind, you may want to pack fleece, blankets and quilts for guests with colds. Drinking coffee, hot chocolate, tea and other beverages to keep warm is also a good idea.

If the temperature suddenly drops, having portable heaters is essential. If possible, place these units outside the tent so that air can blow in. If using them inside the tent, make sure the wiring is coated and secure as it connects to the outside extension. Also, keep these units away from any flammable materials and maintain a safe perimeter or distance around them and outside the New Year's tent.

Planning for music, bar and entertainment

Our tents are large enough for tables, chairs, buffet tables, bars, entertainment booths, video memory screens, and even bars to set up your favorite drinks and beverages. We can help you allocate the right amount of space for tables, chairs and other accessories without sacrificing leg and storage space. We recommend hanging a banner or caption for your event at the entrance. This will draw your attendees in and let them know that fun is ahead.

Our tents are wide and tall enough to ensure maximum headroom - you can even decorate the interior with decorations, fabrics, patterns and almost anything related to the New Year.

The past year has been challenging for many families - from the East Coast to the West Coast and around the world. As we hope and pray for a better 2023, ShiningShow Canopy Tent will always be here to help you and your family with event planning and tent shopping.

For more information about ShiningShow Canopy Tent, contact us today or visit our website for more information.

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