Elevate Your Brand Identity with Custom Tablecloths

Elevate Your Brand Identity with Custom Tablecloths


Tablecloths or table covers can elevate the experience at any trade show booth or event. When customized with your company’s logo, colors, and messaging, tablecloths become an effective visual medium to convey your brand identity and values to attendees.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity refers to the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that distinguish and identify the brand in consumers' minds. It's the way a corporation presents itself to the public and how is it perceived.

How Brand Identity is Important to Your Business?

Well, brand identity sets your company apart in a competitive market, enhances customer recognition, and establishes trust and credibility. It helps in creating an emotional bond with customers, leading to brand loyalty and repeat business. Your brand identity also communicates your core values and mission, increasing your business's overall value and providing a blueprint for all marketing and promotional strategies. Moreover, it attracts customers who align with your brand ethos and boosts employee morale. Thus, a robust brand identity is a crucial tool for business growth and profitability.

How Custom Tablecloths Improve Brand Identity?

While digital marketing and other forms of advertising also play an important role in enhancing brand identity, custom table covers can be a valuable and cost-effective addition to your branding strategy, especially during physical events or in-store presentations.

  • Improve brand recognition- A custom tablecloth with your logo, colors and designs gives attendees a highly visible and tangible experience of your brand. This can help boost brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness.
  • Reinforce branding elements- Your logo, fonts, color palette and visual elements come alive on a custom tablecloth. This helps reinforce your brand’s personality, aesthetic and messaging in attendees’ minds.
  • Create consistency-Using custom tablecloths ensures all your branding elements and design theme are consistently represented at your booth, enhancing your brand experience.
  • Trigger conversations- A well-designed custom tablecloth can trigger attendees to approach your booth out of curiosity and start a conversation with your representatives.
  • Increase professionalism- A beautifully designed custom black tablecloth or one personalized with your logo instantly gives your booth a polished, professional look that commands attention.

There are various custom tablecloth options to choose from based on your budget, desired design elements and theme:

  • Custom logo tablecloths - These have your company logo printed or embroidered on them in your brand colors. They offer the highest visibility and brand recall for attendees.
  • Custom design tablecloths - These incorporate your company name, color scheme along with custom graphics and illustrations to visually convey your brand story.
  • Custom size tablecloths - You can order oversized tablecloths to cover larger surfaces or custom shapes to fit oddly shaped tables.
  • Custom material tablecloths - Choose from materials like polyester, cotton, linen or specialty fabrics based on your budget and appearance goals.

Things to Consider When Designing and Ordering Custom Tablecloths

  • Start Early: By starting the process at least 2-3 weeks in advance of your event, you can ensure there's enough time to refine the design, go through the production process, and ship the final products.
  • Test Designs First: Work closely with your printer or manufacturer to make a few prototypes and see how they turn out. This test run can help you identify and rectify any issues with the color, size, placement of logos, or any other design element, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your brand identity.
  • Check Material: The material of the tablecloth should be durable enough to withstand repeated use, handling, and transportation to different events. It should also be resilient to spills or stains that could potentially occur during an event. Avoid materials that wrinkle easily to keep your displays looking neat and professional.
  • Include Carry Bags: Custom carry bags can make transportation and storage of your tablecloths much easier, especially when you're moving to and from events. They also help protect the tablecloths from dirt and damage while in transit or storage. Like the tablecloths, these carry bags can also be branded, extending your brand visibility even further.


Custom tablecloths are an impactful yet affordable way to convey your brand essence visually at any trade show or event. They instantly transform ordinary tables into branded displays that attract attendees and trigger conversations - ultimately helping you achieve your marketing and lead generation goals. So invest in beautiful, customized table covers for your next event to make a powerful first impression and strengthen brand identity.

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