Best Umbrella Plan Ahead And Prepare – For the Beach In Good Weather

Best Umbrella Plan Ahead And Prepare – For the Beach In Good Weather

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The Summer Is Finally Here

so in this article we’re running through some of our top tips for when we’re going to the beach in good weather. These are all things we can do before we ever leave the house, making sure that we both enjoy our time outdoors, and are safe while doing it!

Firstly, you will need a beach umbrella for your next beach trip

This may seem easy, but finding the 'right' sunscreen that can stand firm in strong winds, in soft sand, and can take time is not an easy task.
In addition to this and your budget, you must also ensure that your beach umbrella provides sufficient sun protection, is durable, large enough to cover you, your family, and beach essentials; Beach cooler, beach bag, and your child's water shoes.

Material Varieties

Patio umbrellas are meant to be outside all the time: during excessive sun exposure, harsh wind storms, heavy rains, and all other weather conditions. Because of this, the fabric has to be strong enough to withstand the elements and still look stunning when on display and in use. 

Most patio umbrellas are made from either polyester fabric or treated acrylic to ensure weather-resistance, waterproof qualities, and elegant performance over long periods of time. These umbrellas are a long-lasting investment! Polyester is a soft fabric that is naturally sun-resistant to stay colorful year after year. It is easy to clean and a gorgeous all-weather material for a patio umbrella. Acrylic fibers are dyed before being made into stringed fabric, ensuring the color stays consistent for years. Acrylic is durable, stronger than the typical outdoor fabric, and sure to last. 

Adjustability Throughout the Day 

The finest feature of most patio umbrellas is the ability to adjust the tilt to ensure blockage from direct sun when at any angle in the sky. This feature is convenient to shade your eyes and protect yourself from the sun all day long. An adjustable pole to make the umbrella taller or shorter when needed is also a great feature to ensure proper protection and cool shade in the heat. 

Patio and beach umbrellas are both designed for their specific uses, with patio umbrellas made to stand strong in one place against the elements and beach umbrellas constructed for easy portability and anchoring in the sand. Here are some more differences and benefits of each to choose the best umbrella for your needs. 

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