5 amazing reasons why you should choose an inflatable tent for your next event

5 amazing reasons why you should choose an inflatable tent for your next event

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20x20 Inflatable Canopy | Instant Canopy | Inflatable TentInflatable tents are capable for many occasions, like advertising, business promotions, booths, weddings, carnivals, festivals, churches, scouts, sports events, family activities, camping, backpacking, etc. They’re all lightweight and easily pitched.Thanks to technological advancements, inflatable canopy tents have become a much more reliable and convenient solution for outdoor shading requirements.


    You don’t want to spend the whole day trying to pitch your tent, right? Inflatable canopy tents are some of the easiest to set up and takedown. When setting up, all you require is a pump to inflate the canopy and you are good to go. Simply peg out the base of your tent, attach the hose to the valve on the air beam and pump. Once the event or party is over, you can take down your tent by simply deflating it. It is as easy as that! In fact, there are inflatable party tents available on the market which can be deployed as quickly as just 30 seconds.


  • Picture this, you finished your event. You have been there for hours and are tired and ready to go home, but wait! You have to bring down your tent! Probably our least favorite part of any event. I mean, it was until we started using inflatable tents. Inflatable tents are one of the easiest tents to take down and set up. No poles, no tent top. All you do is plug the pump in and watch the magic happen. Once you finish the event, you simply deflate your tent.
  • Fully Customizable

    Just like your standard tent, inflatable tents can be custom printed and come with custom parts. These tents have a design that gives your brand the exposure it needs. Many tents come with custom options like added walls, walls with windows, awning, and more. Here are some examples of what others have done.

  • The weather won’t stop the fun

    Many believe that inflatable tents are not as sturdy as tents that come with a pole and a base. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. The aerodynamic shape technology of an inflatable tent design allows it to adapt to any terrain. (That means mountains, beaches, etc.) Inflatable tents are designed to resist harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, or snow. This tent is the definition of “Don’t rain on my parade!”

  • At Shiningshow, we have an extensive range of canopy tents available in multiple colors, sizes, fabric, and print options to suit all requirements. In addition to inflatable tents, our offerings include but are not limited to:
    Instant Canopy
    Custom Printed Canopy
    Star Shade Tents
    Pull Up Banners and Display Boards
    In case you are looking to place a bulk order, go ahead! We accept bulk orders for both plain and printed pop-up tents in the US. Make your events successful and your brand stands out with Shiningshow Canopy’s canopy tents that are heavy-duty, waterproof, and UV protected.

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