Step1. Find the product you purchased

You can find the product page of your purchase by entering the name or SKU number of the product you purchased in the search box. You can also find it through the order confirmation email that was sent to you after you purchased the product.

Step2. Scroll down to Reviews

The product reviews section is located at the bottom of each product page. Click the "Write Review button" to begin. You will be asked to provide your subscriber name (just your name or company name) and your email address (if we need to follow up with you).

Step3. Leave your true feelings

Tell us what you think! Have you started using your new product? Do you have any ideas on how to make it better? We want to hear all of this, and it's very helpful to other customers as well. We hope your experience helps us to continuously improve our products and your overall shopping experience.

Your feedback is very important to us. ShiningShow is serious about providing you with the perfect shopping experience, from the ease of finding what you need on our website to the service and support we provide before and after your purchase - especially with the products we offer.

The thoughts and feelings you share about the products and services you've received from us help us keep an eye on product and industry developments, allowing us to continually improve our products and continue to make progress.

We will read every comment on our website, and we will continue to improve and improve after receiving feedback, meanwhile we will also share some of these interesting stories, joy is something that needs to be shared.

For first time customers, it is very cool that your review can help them a lot and give them useful information and indirectly can help a lot of people.